Hot Ketchup Bottle 340 gm

This combination of classic taste and extra spicy flavor will make you enjoy Ketchup in a unique manner. Our Hello Hot Tomato Ketchup is here to both satisfy your taste buds, and give you extra reasons to love it.

We use all-natural ingredients and freshest tomatoes to create a unified vivid red color among the whole bottle. Its thick texture will make your senses crave for more!

Dip your favorite food in it, spread it or use it in multiple delicious recipes. Eat it like you want, choose Hello Hot Ketchup for a classic flavor and a rich experience.

The modern package design prevents oxygen from entering the Ketchup Sauce bottle, resulting in the exact great taste each time you use it.

  • Made from hand-picked fresh tomatoes
  • 100% natural taste as it’s GMO-Free and without artificial colors
  • Gluten-free, safe for people with gluten sensitivity
  • Rich taste with thick texture
  • Light and gentle on the stomach

Did you know?
Ketchup is considered as a well balanced condiment. It touches all five of the basic taste notes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitterness and Umami.


Tomato, Water, Sugar, Modified Starch, Salt 2%, Stabilizer Xanthan Gum(E415), Preservative Potassium Sorbate(E202), Spices(Garlic, Onion ,Basil , Nutmeg), Vinegar (Acetic Acid), Hot Pepper, Beet Root Extract.
Total Solid: 29 % min.

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