We’re proud to work with the big names in the industry in Iraq and Jordan. Check our partners list below:

Distributors in Iraq


  • Wholesale Supervisor: (07901105338)
  • Retail Supervisor: (07704505250)

Kirkuk: Exclusive agent of Jebel Ali Company

Mosul: Exclusive agent of the Green Basket Company

Erbil: Exclusive agent of Salar Guana Company


  • Hajj Matar Stores
  • Al Fajr Stores

Diyala: Exclusive agent of AL-Qudwa Company

Najaf: Exclusive agent of Al-Fajr Stores

Diwaniyah: Al Jabri Stores

Kut & Karbala: Supervisor for two governorates

Simawa: Al-Rahmaa Complex

Distributors in Jordan

Retail (SAYEH Group):

  • 064209500
  • 0795614218
  • 0795555012

Catering  (Al-Bushnaq Trade Company):

  • 0795258971

  • 0796437899

Our Partners in Jordan

Our Partners in Iraq

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