Potato boats stuffed with steak and vegetables recipe

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10 medium size potatoes

500 gm veal fillet

3 tbsp vegetable oil

1 chopped onion

1 cup sliced mushrooms

Chopped colored pepper

1 cup chopped green onion

1/4 cup hello texas burger sauce

Shredded cheese (cheddar and kashkaval)

BBQ chicken salad recipe
2 cups chopped lettuce

Sliced sweet red pepper

1 cup corn

1 cup black or red beans

1 cup sliced avocado

1 cup jalapeno

Sliced and fried tortilla bread

1 sweet red pepper, sliced

Green onion

500 gm oven grilled popcorn chicken

To wrap the chicken:

1/4 cup Hello BBQ sauce

2 tbsp honey

For sriracha sauce:

1/2 cup Hello mayochup

2 tbsp of milk

2 tbsp olive oil

2 large bowls Hello vinegar or lemon juice

Salt and Pepper

1 tbsp liquid hot sauce

How to prepare:

Put the BBQ sauce, honey and sriracha sauce together on the stove, add the previously grilled chicken, and stir until the chicken is well coated, then set aside to cool. Arrange the vegetables on top of the lettuce layer, add the chicken in the middle, mix the dressing ingredients and add to the chicken. Garnish with green onions and fried tortilla bread.

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